Board of Advisors

Board of Advisors of The Hornemann House

The Advisory Council contributes valuable knowledge, experience and a network and is closely involved in the success of the Het Hornemann Huis Foundation.
Each member of the Advisory Board is also a coordinator within his or her field.

Fundraising Coordinator
Lout Donders
Deborah lens

Coordinator education
Erwin van Oudenhoven
Paul Brans

Coordinator theater college
Dries Floris

Coordinator museum / exhibition
Joyce Dunkic
Gina Moen

Coordinator press
Lout Donders

Social media coordinator
Janneke van de Schoot

Coordinator catering
Bas Strijbosch

Facility Coordinator
Victor Rooijakkers

Coordinator design and design
Stephan van Oppenraaij

Volunteer Coordinator

Activities Coordinator

Library Coordinator

Automation Coordinator
Thomas Coolen

If you intend to support our plans regarding Het Hornemann Huis in any way, please send an email to or call
Martin on 06 – 53 83 13 25.

Let’s work together to make this initiative a reality!