Welcome to the website of Het Hornemann Huis! A house that we as initiators hope will be there in a short time. A house that not only tells the history of the Hornemann family during the Second World War, but where you can also feel and experience it. For education, but also to make you realize that freedom and peace is an important good that we must cherish. A theme of all times, also in the 21st century.

In the current time we live in, anti-Semitism and discrimination are – unfortunately – still prevalent. The story of the Hornemann family is so impressive that, realizing where this can lead to, will hopefully contribute to a (more) tolerant society. Awareness and tolerance, if we can achieve that, we are already well on the right track!

Want to become a sponsor?

Many people feel very sympathetic towards the arrival of Het Hornemann Huis in Eindhoven. Before that happens, however, we need your help badly as an individual, an entrepreneur, a networker, a sponsor, a volunteer, and so on.

Look here to find out what you can do to contribute to the realization of Het Hornemann Huis. We hope to see you soon!